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What do children do in a playgroup class?

In a two-hour class, they do free play, music and movement, story telling, individual work, group work,and snacks. 

Will they learn any academic concepts in playgroup class?

Yes, they do! They learn shapes, colors, letters, numbers, etc. through play. 

Can parents join the class?

Sure! But only for a few days to help them adjust. Don't we want them play with friends on their own?

Can we enroll mid year?

Yes! We accept students all year round. You may choose to enroll for a few months also.

Is it normal that my child cries in class?

First two weeks of class is an adjustment period for them. It's alright for children to express their emotions as long as we openly accept it and acknowledge them.

To mom and dad, as a sign of respect to your child, don't forget to say that you'll see him/her after play before leaving :)

Do you offer a trial class to see if my child will like it?

Due to limited seats, we don't have any schedule for trial class but you may visit. 

What do we need to bring during class?

You may bring a small bag that contains the following:

  • extra set of clothes

  • snacks

  • water bottle

  • diaper (if necessary) / underwear

  • small towel

  • wet wipes

  • mask with lanyard

  • alcohol

  • raincoat

  • INDOOR SHOES (To minimize bacteria spreading we require that our students provide a pair of shoes for EXCLUSIVE use inside the premises)

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