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  • What is Kinder Space at Home?
  • What is inside my Kinder Box?
  • Can I skip doing my activities?
    Your activities are curated especially for your age group, with a mix of structured and unstructured activities that can be done daily. It can also follow your interest and pace, so if you don’t feel like doing it yet, you can postpone it to a more productive time.
  • What happens in my child's online class?
  • Can I change classes and schedule?
    We want you to have a sense of consistency, and to maintain a set of friends during your classes. It is best that you keep your set schedule.
  • Can I skip my online class?
    If you need to be absent during your online class, let your teacher know, so she can take note of your attendance and activities; and also help you when you need to keep up.
  • Is my class pre-recorded or live?
    All online classes are live and held in a private zoom class meeting. There may be some pre-recorded activities and songs that you can find on Kinder Space Playgroup Youtube channel or on your Seesaw app..
  • Is my online class safe and private?
    Your online classes have a meeting ID and password. Even your Seesaw profile has its own link and password. We have emphasized the importance of keeping all these information confidential to secure everyone’s privacy.
  • Is this program appropriate for young children?
    We believe that nothing can replace face-to-face real life hands-on learning experiences when it comes to very young children. However at this time, when the outside environment is still not safe for them, this is the best that we can do. We want our children to feel connected with the community and the world, and most importantly, to continue to have meaningful learning experiences that will enrich their development especially during these formative years of life.
  • Are there make up classes?
    Since classes are live online, it will be difficult to conduct make-up classes. However you can always seek help from your teachers if you need guidance as you keep up with your activities.
  • Are there pre recorded learning videos?
  • When and where do I receive the detailed activity guide?
  • How does my teacher know that I do my activities?
    It is very prudent to always upload your work, whether pictures or videos, to your Seesaw app, so your teachers can see your progress and make comments about your work. documentation is a very important aspect of our program. It will also be a basis for your assessment and learning portfolio.
  • How long is my class?
    Online classes are usually for 30 to 40 minutes. We believe that this is the ideal attention span and duration to listen in front of a screen for very young children.
  • How  do students interact during class?
  • Can we do one on one classes?
    We have tutorial services for older children age 5 and up. However if you feel that your child can and needs one on one lessons, you can register for a tutorial.
  • Can older children join?
    We have tutorial services for older children age 5 and up. We also have art classes as an extracurricular or afterschool program.
  • Will there be face to face classes soon?
    We are all so excited to return to school and see all of you face to face. As soon as we hear news and advice from the local government that we can legally open our doors, we shall announce it on our website and social media platforms.
  • Is the tuition different from the regular school year?
    We understand the effects of the pandemic to our economic and financial situations, and we also acknowledge the help and participation of parents and guardians, who are our partners in providing quality education to the children. That is why your tuition fee is discounted at almost half the cost, which covers just the minimum expenses to keep this operation and program running..
  • What is included in my payment?
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